Customer Reviews

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  • DH

    “Jen Wall has always made my insurance needs easy. She is attentive and timely. Keep up the good work.

  • JM

    “I have been with Capital Region Insurance for over 20 years. We have always experienced great service, and claims have been paid timely. The staff at the office is very friendly and approachable. Any time I’ve called, I have had my answers responded quickly and efficiently. Very happy with this insurer.”

  • DH

    “Jen Wall has always made my insurance needs easy. She is attentive and timely. Keep up the good work”

  • MC

    “I have done business with Warren for roughly thirty years and he and his agency always pulled through for me. There is a lot to be said for a long term business relationship!”

  • CD

    “I love the customer service we receive”

  • HH

    “Jen is always helpful. Enjoy working with her. ”

  • GP

    “Every time I call requesting something the staff is always nice and helpful. Not once have I had a bad experience with them. They also look to see where I can save money. They truly care about their customers. Thank you for all you do.”

  • JH

    “every contact is handled quickly & professionally; if follow up is required, this office follows up promptly; folks are friendly and proficient.”

  • LL

    “Even though we have never met, your representative, Jen Wall, has taken care of all my needs since 2017. Erie Insurance Co. was the only company to offer insurance coverage for the special “Long Term Vehicle Rentals” from Budget Car Rental of Harrisburg, and Jen was the agent I spoke to in the beginning. We live in MD, and out of state coverage is available to us through your agency. Thank you and Jen Wall for catering to all our insurance needs.”

  • BM

    “I like when I call I always get an actual person for starters…and if the person doesnt know the answer-they will research it and call me back.”

  • KT

    “You guys are awesome. Always pleasant and so prompt to help or just answer questions.

  • RP

    “Everything is always taken care of with little to no effort on my part. Never any surprises. ”

  • AW

    “Great customer service …especially Jen .

  • MS

    “The customer service is top notch. Jen is fabulous and is always helpful and in the event she is not there when i call or go in, she always returns my call or makes sure someone else does. On top of everything else, the prices cannot be beat. I have my renters, vehicle AND a teen driver and everything together is still less than coverage for 1 thing at other places! So happy with the service, I brought my oldest child there and they are now a client. :)”

  • JM

    “Jen’s customer service is terrific!”